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Divison of Construction & Maintenance

2/22~2/23 Road repair in Entrance of MXIC Buiding parking lot

Date:From 2020/02/22 (Sat.) to 2020/02/23 (Sun.)
1. The Construction will start from 2020/02/22 8:30 to 2020/02/23 17:30. For your safety, please be careful during the construction period.
2. Please expect the whole road closure during the project.
3. We apologize for noises, dust, shock by the construction. Thank you for your cooperation.

Contractor: San-Cai-Li Construction Co., Ltd., 0912-233783, Mr. Wang
Miss Luo, Division of Construction (Campus extension:31336)

Emergency Contact for Campus Security: Campus Security Office (Tel 03-5714769;Campus Extension: 33333)
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