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Divison of Construction & Maintenance

8/24~12/31 Education Building Interior Design Engineering

■ This Project will start from 2020/08/24 (Mon) to 2020/12/31 (Thurs),within 120 days. The date can be postponed due to weather factors.
■ The construction site is shown as the following map. Irrelevant staff and vehicles please stay away.
■ We apologize for the inconvenience, for example, noises, dust, and detours that the construction causes. Thank you for your cooperation.
Contractor: Chong Shuo Construction Co., Ltd. 03-5618800
Site Manager: Mr. Huang, 0910-256756
Construction Supervisor:Huang Junxian Architects 03-5166133
Contact:Yi-Xiang Fu, Division of Construction and Maintenance 03-5731341 (Campus phone:62286)
Emergency Contact for Campus Safety:Campus Security Office 03-5714769 (Campus phone:33333)
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