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Divison of Construction & Maintenance

9/14~9/15 Drilling construction of food court

1. The project is scheduled to conduct stratum drilling from September 14, 2020 (Monday) to September 15, 2020 (Tuesday). If other factors affect the progress of the project, the completion date will be postponed.
2. The construction scope is a snack shop, as detailed in the attached drawings and on-site announcements. Produced during construction.
3. Please forgive me for any inconvenience caused by noise, dust and traffic flow.
Construction company: Chen Minghui Architects Office 02-27368862
Contact person of our school: Yingshan Group Xie Zhongsheng 03-5715131#35253
Emergency call for campus safety related matters: school police team 03-5714769, direct dial 33333
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