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Divison of Construction & Maintenance

2020/9/19~2023/4/9 New construction of education building, NTHU

Date:From 2020/9/19(Sat.) to 2023/4/9(Sun.)
1.The construction of this project is scheduled to be carried out from September 19, 2020 (Saturday) to April 9, 2023 (Sunday). The construction period is 840 calendar days. If the project is affected by weather factors or the start time is delayed, the date will be postponed.
2.During the construction period, the temporary fence of the construction area will enclose some parking spaces for scooters at the old south gate (Please confirm the figure shown as below). Teachers and students are requested to assist in moving the scooters outside the planned fence area.
3.During the construction period, non-related personnel or construction vehicles are not allowed to approach. We apologize for the inconvenience caused during the operation.
4. Approximately 200 parking spaces for scooters are affected.

Contractor: ARCHBUILD Construction Co., Ltd.
Person In Charge:Kao-Feng Li. 0933-670-011
Contact:Wei-Jen Cheng, Division of Construction and Maintenance 03-5715131#35213.
Emergency Contact for Campus Safety:Campus Security Office 03-5714769 (Campus phone:33333)
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