10/19~10/21 Campus Sewerage Pipe Construction - Construction Notification

Campus Sewerage Pipe Construction - Construction Notification
Subject: Near the Tsing Hua Laboratory to carry out underground pipeline project, the application of time-history announcement.
■ The project is scheduled to be carried out on 109/10/19 (Mon) ~109/10/21 (Wed) roads for underground sewage pipelines.
■ Construction scope of the (see the photo). During the operation period, noise will be generated due to the operation of the equipment. stop park during the construction period. Personnel please follow the control.
■ We apologize for noises, dust, vibration, limited parking spaces and detours caused by the construction. Thank you for your cooperation.
■ Construction project will be postponed due to rain or university events.
Contractor:De Yong Enterprise, Ltd 0902-336201
Contact:Che-Yung Wei, Division of Construction and Maintenance 03-5162285 (Campus phone:62285)
Emergency Contact for Campus Safety:Campus Security Office 03-5715131 (Campus phone:33333)