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Divison of Construction & Maintenance

12/25~12/26 Asphalt road paving in female dormitory Construction announcement

Construction period: December 25, 2021 (Sat) ~ December 26, 2021 (Sun), early completion will be opened in advance.
1. The scheduled construction time is from 8:00 am to 05:00 pm. The location is on the asphalt road in the female dormitory. During the construction, materials and machinery are hoisted and transported. Personnel nearby are requested to pay attention to safety and avoid danger as much as possible.
2. During the construction period (the enclosed construction area as shown in the figure below), please help teachers and students to move the vehicles to other parking areas around them.
3. During the construction period, non-related personnel or construction vehicles should not be approached to reduce accidents.
4. The construction process will cause problems such as noise, vibration and dust, or temporary occupation of roads. Please forgive me if it causes inconvenience and trouble.

Construction manufacturer: Hengju Civil Engineering Co., Ltd. Mr. Zhang 0935-285118
Contact: Office of General Affairs, Division of Construction and Maintenance
Tel: 03-5715131 ext. 31336
Campus Security Office 03-5714769 (Campus phone:33333)
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