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Division of Construction & Maintenance

2023 Power Outage Notification(Nan-Da Campus)

Power Outage Areas and Time:


Interdepartmental Teaching Building


Interdepartmental Education Buliding,Teaching Building, Department of Chinese Language,Department of Environmental and Cultural Resources,Department of Applied Science,Department of Arts and Design,Western Painting Building,1st Student Activity Center,1st Music Building,2nd Music Building,2nd Student Activity Center,Ming Feng Building,Ying Hsi Building,Chung Shan Building,Shu Te Building,Chu Yueh Building,Library(Nan Da Part),Gymnasium,Yin Zhu Building



Continuing Education Buliding


Phsical and Healthy Teaching Building


Reasons of Power Outage:

  1. Due to the safety reason, we need to readjust and maintenance the power system.
  2. For the safety reason and to prevent the damages to equipment, please unplug all of electric equipment, turn off switchboard and switch box in all offices.
  3. All offices (including colleges, departments , graduate institutes and dormitories) should prepare for the power outrage in advanced, please inform all personnel via email as well as post the construction notifications at the gateways. We will complete the construction and restore electricity as soon as possible. Thank you for your cooperation.

Relevant departments and offices should prepare in advance.

Sincerely, Office of General Affairs, Division of Construction & Maintenance

Staff of Electricity, Mr. Fu #62286

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