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Division of Construction & Maintenance

3/31~4/16「Cheng Kung lake and surrounding environment improvement project」 construction announcement

During Construction:March 31,2023 (Friday) ~ April 16, 2023 (Sunday)
1. Construction period 17 days, the main distribution of the construction area is the improvement of the pedestrian walkways around Cheng Kung Lake,if affected by weather,completion date will be adjusted in due course, open earlier if completed earlier.
2. The construction area has been expanded to the surrounding areas of Cheng Kung Lake.[includes walkways (except hallways) outside the societies office], in front of Shui-Mu Restaurant, the passage between the fences will be closed, please bypass the Auditorium and the Food-Court to enter the Societies office,traffic diversion routes such as construction instructions,cause inconvenience,please bear with me.
3. During construction,non-construction personnel and engineering vehicles,don't get close.

Construction company:Pan Dong Builds The Limited Liability Company Mr.Peng 0958-566485
Design supervision:Nelson N.H.Shen Architect & Associates Mr.Lee 0936-766533
Contact information:Office of General Affairs, Division of Construction and Maintenance Mr.Tsai tel:03-5715131#31334
Emergency call:Divison of Construction & Maintenance 03-5715131 ,On-campus direct dial 33333
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