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Division of Construction & Maintenance

4/1~4/30 Renovation project of bricks at NTHU Walk of Fame

Construction period: Apr 1, 2023 ~ Apr 30, 2023 ,8:00~17:00。
1. The project is scheduled for 2023/4/1~2023/4/30, and the Renovation project of bricks at NTHU Walk of Fame.
2. The construction scope is shown in the attached picture. Please bear with the noise and inconvenience caused by the operation of the equipment during the period.
3. During the construction period, non-related personnel or vehicles should not approach the surrounding areas of the construction. People and vehicles should pass according to the control. During the operation, part of the lane must be occupied to cause inconvenience.

Construction company:Pan Dong Builds The Limited Liability Company Mr.Peng 0958-566485
Contact : Office of General Affairs, Divison of Construction & Maintenance
Mr. Wu: 03-5715131 ext. 31339
Emergency Contact for Campus Safety:Campus Security Office 03-5714769 (Campus phone:33333)
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