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Division of Construction & Maintenance

10/21~10/22 The second high-voltage station cable engineering operation project

1. This construction starts from 2023/10/21 to 2023/10/22.
2. Construction areas are shown on the maps below. Due to the safety reason, non-construction personnel please keep off the construction site.
3. We apologize for noises, dust, vibration, limited parking spaces and detours caused by the construction. Thank you for your cooperation.
4. Construction project will be postponed due to rain or university events.

 Contractor:Taiwan power company;Mr.Huang 0932-565883
 Contact:Division of Construction and Maintenance
     Mr. Wu 03-5162289(Campus phone:62289)
     Mr. Chen 03-5731342(Campus phone:31342)

 Emergency Contact for Campus Safety:Campus Security Office 03-5714769 (Campus phone:33333)

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