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Division of Construction & Maintenance

(Kindly be reminded Announcement) 10/23 2:00-5:00 am Power outage at the first and second high voltage stations

Power outage time: 10/23 (Monday) 2:00~5:00 in the morning Power outage areas: refer to the table below Reasons for power outage and precautions: * The campus's cable from the second high-voltage station to the electrical room was damaged on October 9. It is currently expected to complete the cable replacement work provided by Taipower before October 22 (no power outage is required). In order to reduce the impact of the power outage on everyone, the power outage operation is scheduled to be carried out from 2:00 to 5:00 in the morning on October 23 (the temporary cables in the high-voltage panel need to be removed during the power outage), so as to facilitate the original second high-voltage station covered buildings powered by the second high-voltage station. During the power outage operation, the buildings in both high-voltage stations covered areas will be affected. * During the power outage, departments and dormitories in the power outage area must unplug all computers and experimental equipment within their jurisdiction, and cut off the power supply at distribution boards and switch boxes to maintain electricity safety and avoid possible damage to the equipment when power is restored. * Regarding power outages, dormitories in the power outage area are requested to respond in advance, and please post notices at the entrances and exits of each building and at the door of each elevator floor. If the power construction is completed early, power will be supplied in advance. We apologize for the inconvenience. * The power restriction will continue until the early morning of Monday. Before this time, please save electricity, avoid turning on unnecessary equipment, especially disable air conditioners, turn off and reduce the use of high-power-consuming equipment. Overloading will cause a power outage throughout the campus. Repair time: It is expected to be repaired within 3 hours (but it still depends on the on-site emergency repair situation). All administrative and teaching units are requested to make preparations in advance. Sincerely, General Affairs Office Please contact Mr. Wu 62289 for Electric power problem chiajung@mx.nthu.edu.tw October 22, 112

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