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Division of Construction & Maintenance

Notice of an unexpected power outage at the second high-voltage station on the afternoon of January 14th - Supplementary reasons

Areas affected by the power outage: Shuimu Restaurant, Fengyun Building, Dormitories Hua, Shuo, Jen, Shyr and Shinn.

Causes of Power Outages:

1. On January 14th, a short circuit occurred at the Dorm Shinn substation, causing the cable connecting the second high-voltage station to the electrician's room to short-circuit. This impacted the power supply range of the second high-voltage station, excluding Wanghong Hall. Currently, power supply has been restored for all buildings except specific G-circuit structures: Shuimu Restaurant, Fengyun Building, and Dormitories Hua, Shuo, Jen, Shyr and Shinn. The General Affairs Office of the school and the manufacturer have clarified that there was a short circuit caused by squirrel intruding in the Huazhai high-pressure load circuit breaker. At present, the squirrel has been removed and protected with insulation paint; In addition,
the high-voltage load circuit breaker of Dormitories Shuo was poorly insulated. The upper section of the high-voltage load circuit breaker was sprayed with insulation paint, and the lower section was isolated. Replace the high-voltage load circuit breaker at another time.

2. All departments and dormitory-related units within the power outage area are required to disconnect all computers and experimental equipment. Additionally, they should deactivate power supply at distribution boards and switch boxes during the specified time. This measure is essential to uphold electrical safety, preventing potential damage when power is restored.

3. Besides urging the dormitory units affected by the power outage to promptly respond, notifications will be displayed at the entrance and elevators on each floor. This information will also be communicated through email. Should any pertinent tasks be completed ahead of schedule, electricity restoration may occur earlier. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to your unit.

Anticipated repair time: Expected completion will before midnight; however, this is contingent on the on-site replacement progress.

Division of Construction and Maintenance
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