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Division of Construction & Maintenance

(Revise)Road closure construction at the Old South Gate Motorcycle Entrance on 2/21

1. Part of the sidewalk beside the Old South Gate Motorcycle Entrance has been partially removed. The remaining asphalt paving work will be done on 2/21(Wednesday) (The range is shown in the red box in the attached pictures). Therefore, the Old South Gate Motorcycle Entrance will be closed for one day. If the construction finishes earlier, the Motorcycle Entrance will open earlier.

2. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to residents or passersby during construction.

Contractor: Archbuild Construction Co. Ltd. Mr.Buo 0972-771073

Design Supervision: Shu Chang and Architects Association Mr.Li 0912-002306

Contact Unit: Division of Construction and Maintenance Ms.Liao Phone: 03-5715131 Ext.31336

Emergency Contact for Campus SafetyCampus Security Office 03-5715131 Campus Hotline: 33333

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